Located in Monterey California

To put it simply, we love what we do.

Our core team is made up of Nicole, Jayme & Austin (shown above, from left to right). The three of them work and live in Monterey. The remainder of our team is remote, working from Southern California.

Our Mission

We believe in helping your business succeed online.
Our business can't work unless yours does.

Zeeqk was formed in 2015 by Austin, Nicole, and Jayme while brainstorming ways to better serve their clients. Pixel Redefined LLC had been operating and growing for 4 years, and the team quickly realized they needed to subdivide services to allow each to grow properly.

From Pixel Redefined LLC, Zeeqk (as well as three other sub-companies) was born. Zeeqk's focus is assisting businesses of all sizes to create powerful digital media and make marketing online easy, and affordable.

Built and run off traditional business practices, we believe our customer satisfaction is key. Instead of viewing each of our clients as "just another job" we pride ourselves on really getting to know each and every one of our clients and their businesses. We believe that upon learning the ins and outs of your company, only then can we accurately and effectively represent your business online.

We aim to be your full-service creative team, providing you all the digital services your business needs: Wordpress Website Development, Graphic Design (including branding and logos), Website Management, Digital Marketing (Social Media Management and Search Engine Optimization), Lifestyle Corporate Photography, and more. A large amount of time investment our team makes in the beginning of every project allows us the information and insight we need to position your business above the competition. There's a reason almost every client we have worked with has stayed with us for years.

We get asked about our office space a lot- We had a beautiful office in the heart of Monterey for a year and a half, yet it often went un-utilized. All of our clients preferred we visit their location to get to know their company, and we preferred that as well. At the end of 2016, we packed up our office and developed our cloud-based office system. Our team's productivity has tripled and our prices were cut nearly in half, allowing us to extend the savings onto our clients, while providing an even better final product.

  • Zeeqk has a great team of creative professionals to help business owners, like myself, take business to the next level. Our online presence has been inconsistent and not well managed. Looking forward to see the impact Zeeqk is making.
    Chuck Hewett
  • The team at Zeeqk is fantastic!  My new website rocks!  I actually had someone in the UK find my site through Google and she referred her daughter (who was on her honeymoon) to my office.  If you are looking for the best website team on the Monterey Peninsula, call Zeeqk!
    Richard Westbook
  • Zeeqk build the most stylist website I could have imagined! I had a nice website before which displayed my work well; Zeeqk took it to a whole new level. My galleries are bright and fresh and my blogs and videos are getting tons of attention all due to my new format. Austin is full of ideas to make you look great and Nicole adds the finishing touches with her creative eye behind the camera. Their team at Zeeqk is the place to go for a new website. Don't waste your time or money checking out other companies---go straight to Zeeqk, you won't be disappointed!
    Pamela Meyer
  • I love everything about Zeeqk! They have amazing talent when it comes to web developing but thats not the only thing that encouraged me to leave them an awesome review, the thing that stood out to me is how personal and friendly they are! It is amazing to find a web designing company that is so attentive and helpful! Thank you Zeeqk!!
    Reuben Castro