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July 8, 2017
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German Clockmaker Case Study


When a business or organization need help with identifying a website, brand or logo, they need a team that can deliver results.

T he German Clockmaker restores clocks and barometers up and down the west coast of the United States, Canada and in China for museums, private owners, collectors and on behalf of insurance companies. With such a great business we had to give them an even better logo design. The logo is meant to look clean and envoke a classic high end nature. The German Clockmaker caters to a very high end clientele with most of his clients having a good salary or inherited wealth, we made sure to give him a high end logo that will go perfectly with his business.


Looking for affordability when redesigning or making a brand new website? Zeeqk would love to help you.

Our team was able to come up with a simple yet elegant design for the overall look of The German Clockmaker website. What was special about this project was that he emphasized his passion for restoring clocks. We were also able to feature a plethora of images from his workshop on the website which gave it a more personal touch.

This website was also more affordable than you may think, it was a simple design but we were able to make it really stand out. If you are looking for something beautifully done yet affordable at the same time, Zeeqk can help you get the perfect website option just right for you.

Your website should reflect your brand, with an easy-to-identify corporate logo and colors that make your customers feel warm. It should put off a good vibe and reflect the personality of your company.


Overall our team was able to develop a consistent website that was affordable and stands out, a logo that was able to identify the brand perfectly, and showcasing images of his workshop.

We were able to accomplish consistency on each page, bring professionalism into his online appearance and providing his clients with trust marks to ensure they were in good hands. When operating online, you only have one chance at a first impression. Your website should provide the important information about your business, follow a solid design hierarchy, and take viewers to where they need to go next. Good websites also provide what we call "trust marks" which are areas of confirmation that essentially show a business is legitimate. These are shown through logos of happy customers, testimonials from happy customers, showcasing the bigger brands a business has worked with, and real images vs. stock photography.

Stock images might be easy, but, it's best to provide a more personal touch when designing a website. Opt for custom photos of REAL people who work at your company, preferably doing REAL tasks or showcasing REAL products that you sell. At Zeeqk our team will gladly help you showcase your work or products, we always aim to provide you with a strategy for a successful presence online.

“Design is more than a logo. Design is a strategy made visible.” -Moira Cullen