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March 8, 2017
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July 4, 2017
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Informational Website Design


Do you need an informational website?

Identifying the kind of website you need is one of the first steps in understanding your specific needs, and what design you might prefer. Any of our clients who has sat down with Austin to discuss a project has likely heard him say "if you need a Honda, we sure aren't going to try and sell you a Ferrari!" and there's so much truth to this statement.

Your website should be an accurate representation of your business. Informational websites are websites created to provide a customized, branded resource for your customers. Informational websites rely heavily on content and design. They showcase information about a location, a product, item, idea, or an individual. Unlike e-commerce websites, they don't allow purchasing/processing of payment. The simplest way to imagine an informational website is to compare it to a brochure, simply online.

So, you've decided you need an informational website. How to decide which design is right for you?


Informational websites can vary from a simple "one pager" or a parallax design, all the way to a multi-level design with many pages, subpages, a blog, and so on. Most of the websites we build are informational, and above you can see a few examples of the varying design options available for informational websites. A key benefit for informational websites is the endless opportunities for innovation in design and the way your message is presented to your target demographic.

Do you need an informational website? Or maybe you want a large, custom solution but don't yet have the budget to create your vision. Many of our customers begin with a simple informational website, then build on it over time as their business grows. All our websites are ultimately flexible and customizable, and we build for longevity (as much as we can with the ever-changing world of web). This means your dollar can stretch further where it needs to go within your business goals. Contact us today to learn how we can get your business accurately represented online.