Organic Search Engine Optimization: Our Process Overview

June 9, 2018

Your website is live and need exposure? Well of course you do it’s a pretty site and needs to be seen! Luckily, 70% of all web traffic is organic! That means a majority of the traffic are people avoiding ads.

We aggregate the right attention to your website, your local pages, and help optimize even your social media profiles connect to your business. SEO is the line that connects your web presence together. It’s a core part of your business that is often overlooked because businesses are on every platform imaginable, hoping that one of their lines in the water will take a bite. Focus on quality, not quantity. Just take a moment to imagine out ranking a competitor, or a business name that pops up all the time and isn’t even related to yours!

SEO is a process. So you have to work with us in understanding that it is not instant. But once it gets running it takes off! To start, Josh will call you and answer any questions you may have about SEO (there’s a lot of misinformation out there) and educate you on the process. From there he will work with you to develop a list of keywords thank you would like to rank for, for either national or local results. After a few rounds of research you will have a list of core words that benefit your business. Now, this is an important difference in what separates us as SEO Experts vs SEO Agencies. Experts take the time to know your industry, your business. Agencies plug you into a software and charge.

We’ve been around the virtual block and are ready to take your business to the next level!

Meet Josh!

Josh is our resident Search Engine Optimization expert and he’s here to do one thing for you: put you on the map. To him, SEO is a great big puzzle. Every business has its own niche and keywords and he loves to crack the code Josh can take a look at your sight and immediately diagnose the issues. Sounds like re-watching House MD has finally paid off for Josh.

So what does Organic SEO mean? It means its fresh picked from the fields of Google. It is a blend of structured research, specialized attention, and analysis of what users are searching for your site in real time. No ads, no illegal Google tricks that make you pay more to fix. This is an SEO strategy that works directly with Google’s algorithm to establish long lasting results. Google changes it’s algorithm all the time, they love to “innovate” and give Josh more work. But he’s ready for anything Google can throw at him. In fact he’s been doing just that for 8 years!


You are here, because you have a great sense of style, design, and aesthetics. You are undoubtedly looking for something unique to set your brand apart from the competition and that will compliment your company’s mission to put a spotlight on your business. We are zeeqk, and you’ve found your solution.