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International FreeRide Watercraft Association

Sotheby’s Christian Theroux
February 1, 2017
Star Pharmacy Brand
January 8, 2017

Large organizations require brand consistency to maintain a solid message and grow their following and sponsorship.

The IFWA's previous website was in complete disrepair. Being a worldwide event, there were many logistical issues with who could access and manage the website, add content, and attempt to incorporate some design theory. To put it simply, they had too many cooks in the kitchen and the website showed this.

Their old websites were cluttered, confusing, out of date, improperly built (and impossible to manage), and wasn't even viewable worldwide.

Our team worked with sponsors, event managers, and content creators around the world. Most of the people providing us content didn't even speak English, let alone live in the same timezone. We were able to mitigate this, and gained an immense amount of industry and event knowledge, as well as all the content we could need.


This striking design offers multi-national viewing options for whatever location you are viewing from, and is cross-language compatible (as well as cross platform and cross browser).

Their new IFWA brand is simple, yet the fluid line through the IFWA pulls to the watercraft sport. Our goal was to create something striking, simple (as to not compete with the sponsor brands) and would save on printing time and costs.

Our team integrated many features that lay dormant until the active event season, such as live streaming of events, life updating of the leaderboards, and more.