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The Ultimate Aquarium

Hermus Olive Oil
April 24, 2017
Monterey Colleges of Law
March 1, 2017

Innovative paralax brings an interactive design experience

With ultimate creative freedom of this project, our team elected to make an immersive, interactive experience to draw customers in, just like they are in the store.

This website is truly beautiful, and to experience it at its fullest, you have to click the link HERE or below to see the interactivity.

This project was definitely the most fun we've had with a website design project in a long time. Sourcing and creating transparent layers for each of the fish and coral aspects that are prevalent and available in his store allow potential customers a unique glimpse into their shop, before ever setting foot in the store.

We also managed to source a very powerful geo-local domain name, that grew their ranking on the web and increased business almost immediately.