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January 15, 2016
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January 20, 2016
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The Importance of Quality Photography


What adds to a quality presence online?

Whether it be on a website, in a portfolio, on marketing materials, social media channels, or even simply your email avatar, quality images can make worlds of difference in conveying your quality of work and value of services/product. Many companies utilize stock image libraries to cut down on costs when non-custom imagery can do the job. However, hiring a professional can be more affordable than most think, and the images will provide a level of customized content that cannot be duplicated.

Vichy Cosmetics hired our team to create beautiful lifestyle product photography for use across their social media and marketing platforms.

To date, we have completed over four assignments for their brand, and they have received over 100 images that have all aided in growing their marketing efforts online.

Within just an hour, a professional photographer can obtain a week or more’s worth of social media content imagery. Showcasing the customers and products your company works on or develops through high quality images is a sure fire way for prospective clients to see that you are the right fit.


Common misconceptions, answered:

  • You don't need a ton of drastically different content
  • Small snippets of day to day operations can be recycled often
  • Photography + simple graphic design can take you to the next level
  • Stock photography can be applicable and even more affordable
  • You don't need overly staged images
  • Your work space doesn't need to be perfect to look great
  • Your clients want to see what you're up to
  • Everything looks a little better when a professional handles it
  • Think you don't need it because your competition doesn't have it? Think again! This is precisely what will set you apart!
  • Great photos encourage sharing & additional *free* exposure!
Interested in learning more quick, and cost effective ways to improve your image? Check back soon for The Importance of Quality Design.