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January 20, 2016
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Monterey Graphic Designer – Working Across the Pacific


How can a Monterey Graphic Designer reach outside the peninsula?

We have ensured our team is flexible enough to meet any challenge our clients throw at us. Monterey Graphic Designer, Austin, has spent years honing his craft and creating brand materials that bridge nearly every print gap.

Working with China is usually a daunting task, but one that can be inevitable for many businesses. Early in our creative design career, Zeeqk had aligned with some credible sources oversea’s. Recently we have taken up a brand/package development project for a high-end cannabis brand “Square Grouper Cannabis”. Square grouper Cannabis hired our Monterey Graphic Designer, Austin, to develop a 20-page brand guide that was friendly to China’s standards of printing. Inside the guide contains all the necessary elements for maintaining brand consistency. Looking for this service? Contact Us

The language barrier and Pantone matching are two of the most complicated issues oversea’s. Square Grouper Cannabis was thrilled to see the product matching the brand guide sent to China with the product request.

In the end, the product arrived exactly as requested. The colors maintained the brand image, and by outsourcing, the client was able to keep costs down and extend those savings onto their customers. While it was a little extra work in the beginning for our whole team, we managed to save them thousands over the course of this product's lifespan.

Some of our colleagues told us this was near impossible.


Is your business in need of our Monterey Graphic Designer services? Not quite sure? Visit our FAQ to learn more about our Monterey Graphic Designer services, and how your business could benefit from our services – from a solidified brand, or simply an updated business card, you’d be surprised how a little change can make a big difference for your business.

Your brand is your first impression to your customers. The way it is represented needs to be consistent, clear, and concise. If your brand lacks these key requirements, you could be losing business!

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